– Author/Writer/Composer –

Romy Padovano learned and studied the pianoforte at the Conservatorio Nicolò Paganini in Genoa (Italy) and graduated in Political Science.

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His film scripts included:
‘CALUMET 1913’ (the film tells the wonderful and tragic love story between the wasp Ashley – daughter of one of the richer man in the town – and Cesco – son of an Italian miner on strike – inside and above the dramatic events occurred in Calumet on Christmas Eve in 1913);
‘ORANGE TREE’ (an action spy/story);
‘THREE BROTHERS’ (with the Israelian writer Ilan Hatsor from his stage drama ‘MASKED’);
‘NAKED SKIN’ (about women abused - as stage drama too);
‘THE GIRL FROM THE MOON’ (a boy transgender sentimental story);
...and two musical film scripts & music: ‘ANONYMOUS OPERA N.7 – WHAT HAPPENED TO LOVE?’ (lyrics written with John Stewart);  ‘EVA BRAUN’ a musical opera - thanks to a meeting with/and suggestions of Tim Rice (‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, ‘Evita’...) - about the tainted and incredible love story of Eva and Hitler.
For theatre: the musical EXTRAVAGANZA! and the comedy play ‘LUCKY SON OF A… MICK (about the rockstar Mick Jagger).

After several live concerts in the Eighties, he had a single record published. Then he worked in the field of publicity producing the music for various radio/television ads, including:  ‘PRYNGEPS’ watches, ‘SOLDANO’ e ‘MIMMINA’ perfume,  ‘ONYX’ clothing, ‘EMANUEL JEANS’… etc. His contemporary work includes cartoon script-writing the stories of comics as Popeye and TOMCAT. In 1991 he began working as a television author for the two most important networks in Italy: Mediaset and Rai.

In March 1994, his first book was published ‘PAROLA DI NONNO’ (MY GRANDFATHER USED TO SAY) edited by Sperling & Kupfer, followed in February 1995 by ‘L'AMORE E' UN FILM’ (LOVE IS A MOVIE) and in March 1997 by ‘HIT PARADE’ edited by Mondadori.
His fourth book, entitled ‘MINA – I MILLE VOLTI DI UNA VOCE’ (MINA – THE THOUSAND IMAGES OF A VOICE) was brought out, once again by Mondadori, firstly as a Christmas edition in December 1998 and the second edition in March 1999.

The 5th October 2000, at the Teatro Nuovo in Milan, saw the debut of the original musical of the Beatles ‘EPPY – THE NOWHERE MAN’ (Romy’s credit: idea, script, original music and direction) which played for two years in various locations all over Italy and in Switzerland and France.
On 5 May 2004, at the Teatro delle Erbe in Milan ‘ALL BOB’S WOMEN’ made its debut, a musical comedy with an all-female cast (actresses/singers/dancers) and band (six pieces), subsequently adapted for its debut in the West End of London on 18 June 2008 at the Arts Theatre with an all-English production team and cast as Amy Booth Steel, Sharon Cherry Ballard and Nicole Faraday. ‘ALL BOB’S WOMEN’ is now a comedy film script.

He has written three novels: ‘NON PIU’ EROI’ (NO MORE HEROES), ‘LA TORRE DI BERENICE’ (BERENICE’S TOWER) and ‘PARSIFAL 1971’.
On November 2013 Romy Padovano produced the symphonic opera ‘REQUIEM FOR THE PRESIDENT’ composed by M° Antonio Busellato in 1970 to commemorate the death of JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY; an opera who has received the compliments from the U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy and family.

On 7 November 2014, at the Apollonio Theatre made its debut another Romy’s stage musical comedy titled ‘THE BLUE BRIDE’, with the drag queen Platinette’ as star of the show winning the American Award IIF “A Heart for Art – Emerging Musical 2014” and performing an excerpt in New York City.

For the theatre Romy has also written and composed musicals as: ‘MAMBO IN NEW YORK’;  ‘FLOWERS’ (a story of peace, love and music in the Seventies – debut on November 2015); ‘BEATLES' FAB FOUR’ (about the four Beatles’ drummers on stage from November 2019).