available as  FEATURE FILM         
        genre  DRAMA
    support  SCRIPT and SOUNDTRACK

Calumet, Michigan, copper mine strike on Christmas Eve in 1913. It was a benefit Christmas party for the children of striking miners in Calumet. The program was in the upstairs of the Italian Hall. During the program a man, or men, opened the doors at the bottom of the stairs leading outside and yelled "Fire". The participants of the party, mostly children, rushed down the stairs and tried to get out. There was no fire.The doors opened inward and the first children there were crushed against the doors. More and more came down the stairs. It was believed that strike breakers, hired by the mine captains who did this, but no one was ever found nor convicted. All that died, 73 people, more of them were children died of suffocation. Nearly whole families were killed this way.

The Italian Hall was torned down a few years ago, but they left the doorway standing with a plaque in remembrance of this tragedy. The film script is a sort of new ‘Titanic’, a wonderful and tragic love story between the wasp Ashley, daughter of one of the richer man in the town, and Cesco, son of an Italian miner on strike.

Inside and above the dramatic events occurred in Calumet on Christmas Eve in 1913, Ashely and Cesco live their wonderful and brief love passion while her family and the strikers fight on opposite side until the unbelievable end.