available as  RADIO DRAMA
    genre  SCI-FY DRAMA
       support  SCRIPT and 1st EPS RECORDED (Italian language)
“In the astral year of 964B09, around the orbit of the Proxima Centauri twin planets, Akymon and Aphonè, a drifting spaceship coming from the future of planet Earth carried an unknown treasure to the inhabitants of that part of the universe. There were no living beings aboard, neither human nor animal, no minerals or vegetables, no materials nor valuable information or magic formulas. The inhabitants of Akymon and Aphonè, the planets where sound is mute and the sound waves are still, discovered something that would change their lives forever: MUSIC!”

This is the beginning of Parsifal Radio 1971, a radio show that talks about the adventures of an extraterrestrial and his computer as they travel through the space and time dimension of planet Earth searching for music, pleasure, a passion, an element that does not exist on their planet of origin.

First season includes: 367 texts (ready!) for each daily episodes with 2 special episodes: 29th of February and the last episode ending the season; 52 texts (ready!) for the weekly horizontal story.