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Everything begins when a spaceship coming from planet Earth arrives in the orbit of two twin planets, Àkymon and Aphonè – planets that have neither sound nor sound waves. Inside the spaceship the chrononaut from Akymon, discovers an unknown essence in that part of the universe: music. Contaminated and dependent on this incredible virus, the Akytauri and Centaphoni people decide to send a chrononaut on Earth to retrieve as much music and as many songs as possible. The chrononaut is named  PARSIFAL, the name of an unknown band from 1971 that he had seen on the iPOD in the terrestrial spaceship. PARSIFAL is accompanied by VOX, acronym for Voice Over Xerox, a computer that informs his commander about the most resounding or interesting facts that have taken place on Earth on the day in which they are searching for musical events to capture and send to Aykymon and Aphoné. But the real goal of the commander is to find the song that he was listening to when he entered the alien spaceship coming from planet Earth. In the reconstruction of the hippy atmosphere of the Earl's Court quarter of London, this “photo-graphic novel” tells the story of a musical group, PARSIFAL, which should have become the most famous group of the decade but which, for an apparently unknown reason, never became successful. We are in the home where the dead body of Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones was found, Sarah (the protagonist) and Cylum (the leader of the Parsifal) take an acid and she wakes up as a twenty year old at the Golden Theatre in London where Cylum, who is now more than fifty years old, is auditioning with his electric guitar. Is it a dream or real-life? Sarah, always very very young, is confused and bewildered and Cylum tells here the real story of the Parsifal, the band that never existed because of a terrible death: the murder of Alex, the singer. But who killed Alex and why? And if the band never existed how did the chrononaut from Akymon listen to their song on the iPOD inside the spaceship?