available as  FEATURE FILM          
        genre  DRAMA 
    support  SCRIPT and SOUNDTRACK

The Girl from the Moon tells the story of Lola, a boy transgender who works at ‘Moon’, a night-club in Manhattan or other big city. Lola sells her body to the clients of the club but actually she is in search of someone who really would love her. Cheryl is equal in age of Lola, they were friends when Lola was a boy and then lovers when Lola became girl. The relation is over but Cheryl doesn’t agree. At the club arrives John, a simple and boring man who first is worried by Lola, then morbid attracted by her, but Lola has still bumped into Victoria and the two women felt  in love. When Lola discovers that Cheryl is the daughter of Victoria and Victoria is married with John, love becomes desperation and fate plays its terrible game.